Berlin Remmidemmi

Design Programming Prototyping

Berlin Remmidemmi is an concert event app for the city of Berlin that will make sure you won’t miss any concerts of your favourite singers anymore, never ever again!

The app design was created with Sketch, the interactive elements and animations are prototyped with Framer.js, an open source Javascript framework.

Berlin Remmidemmi proposes concerts of your favourite artists and those who might be your favourites in the future by embedding Facebook und Spotify. With Remmidemmi you will be able to see which of your Facebook friends attend the concerts you’re going to and you’ll also get to know which friends of yours might be willing to go with you because it would fit their musical taste. Of course Remmidemmi will let you know all the important details of the concert, too, such as the price and concert hall, and you can listen to music snippets of the artists or directly access Spotify and Soundcloud.

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