Zine first presented at
CTRL Z zine fair


Digital Identities Feminist Futures

Our zine aims at creating a discourse about the influence of technology on our identities. We want to explore how societies change their notion of identity, of bodies and the self through the digital. Looking at current and evolving technologies such as AR and VR, as well as algorithmic decision-making and other forms of data analysis, we put systems in question that are currently used in discriminating ways, or could be in the future, and propose thoughts on the intersectional feminist futures we want to see and make happen.

It is important to us to look at these topics from perspectives that allow us to spark discussions and create trains of thought outside of the margins drawn by patriarchy, racism and capitalism. We are writing from our points of views as people of the margins. Our zine will be a mixture of essayist thought, digital renderings, comic style ideas and artistic drawings.


“May your coffee, pelvic floor, intuition and self-appreciation be strong.”