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          Nushin Isabelle Yazdani is an interaction designer, artist & AI researcher with focus on discrimination. She seeks to create meaningful services with the human interaction at the centre and explores the ways in which technology impacts and shapes society. At the Education Innovation Lab, Nushin works on transforming the education system and creating innovative learning methods. Her excitement in finding patterns in human behaviour and data, as well as her interest in intersectional feminism, social justice, empathy, awareness and activism greatly influence her work.

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[dis]Trust the Algorithm?! – Alltägliche Begegnungen mit künstlichen Intelligenzen, APPLAUS-SYMPOSIUM (Keynote + Panel)
Fachwerkstatt "Algorithmen und das Recht auf digitale Gleichbehandlung" der LADS (Keynote)
• KHB sprechenÜber (Talk)
• GEWINN Gender Wissen Informatik Netzwerk-Fachtag
(Talk & Workshop)
• Speculative Futures: AI, Governance, & Socio-Technical Creativity


2019 Potsdamer Tag der Wissenschaften • 2019 Buchmesse Leipzig • 2018 Liebig12 »We don’t know where this is going« • 2016 Access Gallery Vancouver • 2016 Contemporary Art Gallery Vancouver »Big Draw Festival« • 2015 Buchmesse Leipzig • 2015 FHP Werkschau • 2015 DAM Berlin »Eingabe, Ausgabe.« • 2010 Cultbox Berlin »Nobody is Perfect vs. Shadows« • 2010 HKW Berlin »In Bewegung«


• 2018 School of Ma »Machine Learning for Artists« • 2014 MEDS Dublin • 2014 HAW Hamburg • Sommerakademie »Pentiment –Urban Interventions« • 2014 Mediars Fermo, Italy »New Media Storytelling« • 2013 HITA e.V. Ghana »E-Learning in Health Care«

“May your coffee, pelvic floor, intuition and self-appreciation be strong.”