In our current times of uncertainty I my aim was it to provide and pass on strength – being political while evoking positive notions, maintaining hope and empathy within ourselves and our surroundings. I wanted to create a dialogue between the bigger picture and our daily lives.

My media are articles of daily use – cups, mugs and bowls. But they also stand for something else, they have a di erent layer to it. Objects that feed us, that nourish us. Objects that accompany us in our daily lives, they are the rst ones that greet us in the early mornings, a time that may decide how we perceive the whole day.

The smaller things that give me comfort.

Sharing tea and food is of utmost importance in the culture of my father. My rst childhood memories constist of large meals for many people on a blanket on the oor, followed by sharing experiences, laughter and drinking plenty of black tea. Important things always got discussed during a meal. Providing and sharing nourishment as an act of giving and exchange is highly political to me.

While I decided that I wanted to collect my surrounding‘s resolutions and statements about what gives them strength, fate had certain plans. My friend Zarifa asked me to send her a sentence for a present for her son‘s 13th birthday.

»What would you tell your 13 year old self?«

I knew immediately, this was it. When I read the statements of her friends, it touched me deeply to get a glimpse into their soul. What they all had written in utmost hones- ty, with the aim of talking to and preparing their own 13 year old self, was so valid and true no matter what age. It made it clear for me that our sense of self persists – we will always feel a little like 13, insecure and trapped in our little problems that are now long forgotten. I decided to crown my cups and bowls with their written statements, them acting as a every day resolution and personal positive a rmation that are all too easily forgotten in the turbulences of daily life.

To establish a connection between us, I printed each words twice – one for them and one for me, as a reminder of caring and being cared for.

You are more loved than you think.

Enjoy the small things.

It's ok to not know what you're doing with your life. Most people never know and I'm sure the rest are faking it.

There are people who look up to you. Right now.

You don't need to work towards something. You are in a constant state of becoming and are impossibly beautiful in that suspension.

Keep making art.

Things that may seem like a big deal might not really be.
This life is everchanging and the beauty of it is that... nothing stays the same. Because you don't.

Give deep hugs.

Smile at a stranger. Every day.

Say yes to the things. Try everything at least once.

Any crisis is a chance to grow and change your point of view on the world.

Life is just beginning and you can choose any adventure you want. Surround yourself with loving people and be that loving person back.
Be patient and take your time. Watch it unfold, savour the experience, reflect on the feelings that come up. Your heart knows you best.

Hug mom and dad more.

Ask yourself what you like about your friends. Ask yourself what you like about yourself.

Don't forget to pack your confidence and your moral compass.

It get's better.

Don't worry what you are going to be when you grow up... Life is a beautiful adventure!

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“All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you.” — Octavia E. Butler