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AI technologies reinforce existing injustices and discrimination. Decision-making processes are increasingly being outsourced to algorithmic systems – by the police and in court, in schools and in job application procedures, in government offices, at border crossings, and elsewhere. With Dreaming Beyond AI, we aim to challenge both the way AI is used today, and the societal structures that uphold algorithmic oppression.

Dreaming Beyond AI is a space for critical and constructive knowledge, visionary fiction and speculative art, and community organizing.

We use AI as a gateway to broader societal questions around marginalization, imagination, futurism, feminism, and how we experience the present. The goal is to de-center technology and create an experimental curated space for connection and coming together.

The website itself and the process through which it is created reflect our intentions and challenge deeply rooted ways of thinking, knowing and being in the digital realm. For instance, we intend to challenge the expectation of seamless design interfaces and fast, frictionless digital experience, as well as consumerist attitudes towards online information and media. As such, Dreaming Beyond AI is a collectively shaped and deeply relational experiment that draws inspiration from Ursula Le Guin’s text ‘The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction’, adrienne maree brown’s ‘emergent strategy’ framework, Arturo Escobar’s ‘pluriverse’, the Design Justice Network, and the work of many others.

Dreaming Beyond AI’s concept was birthed by Nushin Yazdani and Buse Çetin, but influenced and inspired by the works, thoughts, the tireless love, care and tenacity of many incredible feminist voices.

The web platform was designed and coded by Iyo Bisseck, and created in cooperation with ifa – Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (Sabiha Keyif and Nina Frohm), and supported by Humanity in Action and the Landecker Democracy Fellowship as well as

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“All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you.” — Octavia E. Butler