Feminist AI Ethics Toolkit

Bachelor Thesis Project
Design Futures Workshop

How do we create a framework for the creation process of algorithmic decision­-making tools that adequately counteracts unjust systems and considers ethical concerns, consequences, and causalities?

An ethical approach to algorithmic decision-making tools cannot be sustainable without a fundamental understanding or structural discrimination and power structures.

However, the problem becomes much more complex and complicated when taking into account the social dimensions behind it - recognizing them might make one feel paralyzed.

A first line of action might be to convey awareness for the structural dimensions of these tools. For that, methods from unconscious bias trainings, critical readings and a design futures workshop can be used.

I call this the Feminist AI Ethics approach.

The design futures workshop aims to raise awarenessand inspire conversations about the direct and secondary consequences of AI work. Based on utopian and dystopian scenarios and prompts about what might happen with AI technologies in possible futures, participants can reflect and create concepts for actionable counter mechanisms together.

With this co-creative and imaginative format, participants will be activated to think about following questions:
How could a product, service or system harm humans? What actions lead to more injustice? How do we picture a world with equity and empowerment?
How can we design (machine learning) systems, products and technologies that support the world we want to live in, today and tomorrow?

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“All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you.” — Octavia E. Butler