Into the Pluriverse

Realness exists on many levels and through different perspectives and temporalities. What is real about an entire continent, a country, or a person?

When do things become real? Does a perspective become more real when it is reflected by media interest? Are privileged perspectives more real than others? Who can judge if something is real? Who is allowed to judge? Is there greater realness today because we can experience more perspectives online? Or is this moment just a brief interlude until marginalised voices get fed up with the steady salty swell of hatred they face, fostered by unjust design systems and algorithmic violence, and decide to back away? How are folks creating their/our own non-reformist reforms amid the digital-analogue mess? What are our communities’ positive visions for pluralist futures? Can they become more real when we share them?

With Into the Pluriverse, we enter through a wormhole into seven different lives, different places, and different perspectives. One by one we encounter seven people and experience how their thoughts interact. Tiara, an Indigenous cyberfeminist, scholar, and artist who investigates encounters between the Indigenous body and AI in writing and in performances with textiles. Aylin, who conducts scientific research into institutional racism, bringing proof and inspirational acknowledgement to many. Ulla, who serves as managing director of the queer feminist Missy Magazine while constantly pushing boundaries in her production of music and art festivals off the beaten track. Douniah, a singer, songwriter, and community activist with big visions and a powerful voice. Rafiou, an exceptional digital and analogue artist creating 3D imaging with bold strokes. Can, automation engineer and VR researcher, exploring how technology impacts identities and digital culture, and Nushin, transformation designer and artist, whose work examines AI technologies and social justice from an intersectional feminist perspective.

How do these artists, scientists, and feminists envision our collective future? What do they fight and wish for? And what do they have to say to each other? What questions arise within this discourse?

Project with Can Karaalioglu (VR Artist).
Feat. Aylin Karabulut, Dounia Hagenauer, Rafiou Bayor, Tiara Roxanne and Ulla Heinrich.

Commissioned Work for ifa.

Play ‘Into the Pluriverse’ here: or read about it in this article by Gloria Reményi.

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“All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you.” — Octavia E. Butler