Moabit. Geschichten einer Insel.

Concept Design Interviews
Our aim for MOABIT – GESCHICHTEN EINER INSEL was it to see and show the Berlin district Moabit from different angles. Subjective perception and objective numbers are mixed up and edited in a new form of digital neighbourhood paper. We want to counter prejudices and show a differentiated image of an exciting district.

We analyze Moabits statistics and data sets and process them graphically for an interested public so that not only experts are able to understand and interpret them.

Secondly we interview and portray inhabitants of Moabit, communicating the personal stories behind all the data. We are guided by chance and research, by recommendations and by activists.

These two strands are supplemented by an anonymous survey with very private questions, intended to capture snapshots and fundamental attitudes to life. The survey was carried out by using specially constructed mailboxes and placing them in various locations in the neighborhood.

Project with Fabian Ehmel and Mark-Jan Bludau.

Moabit. Geschichten einer Insel.

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“All that you touch, you change. All that you change, changes you.” — Octavia E. Butler