An Exploration of Bias in Machine Learning – Bachelor Thesis Book. 


Let’s get ethical!

The rapid rise of algorithm-based processes and systems in various parts of society and our everyday life demand that we critically consider their social impacts at all levels and early on. Products and services driven by AI technology provide the opportunity to support and enhance human capabilities and to relieve us of annoying repetitive work. We created artificially intelligent machines to make fair and automated decisions on humans – only to find that their decisions perpetuate our societies’ structural discrimination, oppression and injustice.

If we want to use algorithmic based technologies we must attempt to uncover latent social impacts early on, rather than after foundations have been laid. Many design decisions made by software engineers are very hard to undo or take back. Once they have reached a critical mass and other systems are built on top of them, they often remain integrated in future systems.


“May your coffee, pelvic floor, intuition and self-appreciation be strong.”