I’m Nushin, an Interaction Designer, Design Thinker & AI ethics researcher       

       currently freelancing for companies like IDEO, Technologiestiftung Berlin and Retune, while researching machine learning and bias.

Machine Learning Generated Imagery


Machine Bias

I generated future prisoners by training a machine learning model (GAN) on thousands of photographs of US inmates, as a metaphor and visualization of predictive policing systems.

In more and more countries predictive policing and pretrial risk assessment decisions are handed over to machines and algorithms. How does a machine decide in which district crime is likely to happen, or which convict will be reoffending in the future? Any machine learning decision is based on massive amounts of data transformed into probabilities – but is that data only creating more of the same?


Sexual Education App for the Youth 


Sex Education App

This is a space for people to engage in respectful and open conversations regarding sexual health. Our aim is to make it easy, accessible and fun for users to share their questions and experiences, while receiving answers from other users and healthcare professionals.

For my health design class I worked on the topic of sexual education fot the youth together with Cecilia Sanchez Navarro. In our research we found out that there is a huge deficit in easily accessible, fun and visually appealing sexual health education for teenagers or young adults. The LGBTQIA+ communities are ofthentimes not addressed and left out of the conversation.


Communication Design &

With the Eyes of the Machine

As part of the »Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften 2018«, I researched and designed a set of postcards for the Technologiestiftung Berlin that portrayed various scenarios around the application of artificial intelligence technology.

Some of these examples show how the application of AI can indeed create meaningful, tangible benefits for society, while others reveal the heavy ethical dilemmas behind the use of this technology.



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